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Varluk Tactic *Contains Spoilers*

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#1 FrenchTom



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Posted 03 September 2016 - 07:11 AM


(Recommended min  level: 2)


Normal Stance Abilities:
Droogo Fire Blast - Single target  ranged attack

Droogo Slash - Single target melee strike

Dual StrikeMulti-target physical ranged and melee attack.




Counter - Weak to Counter attacks


The recommended strategy to defeat Varluk is put Olia in her counter stance and keep Varluk Taunted. This way Varluk will mostly just attack Olia other than Dual strike. 


Start the battle with Amon in his Blaster Stance, Olia in her Counter Stance and Gnart in his Mage Stance.


Use Olia to Taunt Varluk and keep him Taunted for the whole fight. When Taunting is not required use Olia to heal party with potions.

Use Amon to attack the Droogo Shaman (Spud Blast will work best) as he can apply Regen to Varluk, then focus attacks on Varluk. If Party member healths are low use Amon as a healer. Its important to keep Olia standing. 

Use Gnart as a healer, if low on Amri and he cant use an ability, use potions instead. Dont be afraid to Rest if need to boost Amri


Tip #1: Save Gnart’s special (Regen All) for after dual strike.



Good luck!

#2 Gannondorf



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Posted 06 September 2016 - 10:28 PM

Taunt doesn't work on Varluk. For some reason you guys made Taunt useless in this game.

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Posted 06 September 2016 - 11:45 PM

Update: I was able to defeat Varluk with Taika instead of Ollie. Ollie is pretty much useless in this game, especially against bosses. The counter system set up for her character didn't have enough depth to warrant using her.


Anyway, Taika's curse move was deadly against Varluk, and I recommend that instead of Ollie's shout or taunt move (which isn't affective anyway).


Taika's curse, Ivy's Trap, Amon's Gouge, and Gnart playing support. Varluk was taking damage every single turn, especially with Blood and Curse along with Trap taking massive combined damage.

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