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Minor bugs and typos

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#21 BZero



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Posted 06 January 2017 - 02:08 AM

-Not necessarily a bug, but is it intentional that the rewards for silver and bronze ranks at the Zaber tournament are the same (at least the items, didn't pay attention to the XP and money rewards)? It makes sense that you only get the token for a bronze rank, but what's the point of having a silver rank if the rewards for bronze and silver are the same?

Same thing in the Suvia tournament. Bronze rank gave me a Kiss of Lÿs and silver rank gave me nothing while gold rank gave me a whole plethora of different items.

-Often when you pause the game during a cutscene, characters will turn around and face a different direction.


-Typo in the description for Cloak: "Casters" should be "caster's".

-You can steal 2x Healing Balm++ from Magoc the Hollow, which feels like a very weak item to steal from such a strong enemy.

-Magoc the Hollow's attack animations didn't always work.

#22 BZero



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Posted 07 January 2017 - 02:42 AM

-Typo in the description for the "Great Wave Alumni" achievement in Steam: "Talents" should be singular.

-This isn't solid:

Same with the other statue.

-The game crashed as I was working my way through the memory chamber. That's the first crash I've had this playthrough, so I can't complain.

-In the fight against Valvur Ichabo, PAT seemed to die (he collapsed and the bond between him and Ive was reduced), but his HP stayed at 763. He also had auto-resurrect enabled, but that didn't work, since his HP didn't actually reach zero. I revived him manually, but the auto-resurrect didn't work when he died a second time either.

-Weird grammar: Lumia says "what little we know" as a standalone sentence. I'm pretty sure you can't do that. That phrase has to be part of a longer sentence, like "what little we know about valvurs indicates that they are blue" or something like that. "How little we know" can be said as a standalone sentence and basically means "we don't know very much". I think that's what Lumia meant to say.

-Gnart writes the word "travelling" in his log, but the preferred spelling in American English is "traveling".

And that concludes my first full playthrough of Earthlock. Thank you for the enjoyable experience... You might not have guessed it by reading this topic, but I did enjoy the game for the most part. Underneath the plethora of small flaws, there is actually a great JRPG with deep and awesome gameplay mechanics.

The game is just very, very unpolished as it appears right now...

To be completely honest with you guys, when I saw in the credits that an actual QA team had been involved in the production of this game... I was a bit surprised. What was their job? If their job was just to make sure the game is beatable, then that's fair, but if their job was to find and report bugs, then... well, I hope they were cheap. It's just a bit unfathomable that a professional QA tester could miss some of the things I've listed in this topic. (The invisible ice walls come to mind. It's actually impossible to not find that bug.)

To sum up, here's a short list of some the issues that most frequently reminded me that the game isn't as polished as it should be:

(Because I didn't mention frequently repeating bugs in this topic every time they happened, it might not have been clear which issues were actually the most distracting to me throughout this playthrough.)

-The haphazard ordering of items in various lists (the farmory menu is maybe the best example).
-The steal mechanic, especially against bosses (often displaying the wrong number of items left; generally way, way too hard to steal from bosses).
-The menu (bugged in so many different ways).
-The inconsistent naming (the save text and the warp menu name for the same warp/save statue was often different; the artifact was referred to as both an Earthkey and an Earthlock (unless I misunderstood something); Scroll Road/Scrollroad/Scrollroads; PAT/Pat).
-The mix of British and American spelling (it's mostly American, but there are some British words here and there).
-Missing battle animations (quite often attack animations would seemingly get interrupted and the targets would just take damage from seemingly nothing).
-Double attacks (a handy bug for the player that not many would complain about, but this might have been the most frequent reminder of how unpolished the game is).

With all that said, this game is just a patch away from not only being a great game, but a polished great game. All it takes is fixing everything I've mentioned in this topic. ;)

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Posted 10 January 2017 - 08:22 AM

Hello BZero


This is simply amazing! Thank you so much for your time and effort!
We'll be looking into all the bugs, glitches and typos you've found :)


I hope you managed to enjoy the game while looking for bugs!

Again, thank you so much for your time and for playing our game! :)

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Posted 05 April 2017 - 09:46 AM

I found a minor bug.  sometimes, (it has happened in several areas) ghosts will die, but instead of the disintegration animation that normally comes with death, their bodies just lie on the floor until the end of the fight. It doesn't happen consistently. fighting 3 ghosts, sometimes one disintegrates and the other 2 don't, or vice versa. In this screenshot, you can see two ghost bodies on the floor after the fight, and you can see from the item drop that I was fighting 3 ghosts. Attached File  ghost bodies remain onscreen, no death animation.jpg   372.15KB   0 downloads

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Posted 05 April 2017 - 01:00 PM

Ok, so this will expose how new I am to this game, but I just connected back with the 5th character, the girl with orange hair, and predictably she's much lower level than the other characters, so I've got her in a pair with the main character... build up their bond, etc...  but this leaves one character with no pairing.... I chose to let the hogbunny be by himself... At first I didn't notice anything odd, but in the sewers I suddenly realized I didn't see the hogbunny anymore...in my menu, he's there, a 5th character on my team, and I can select him and pair him with people, but during combat only 4 people, the 2 paired groups, show up... I don't know if this is a strategy situation or a bug... the 5th character is with the party but not with the party for fights?  seems odd that it'd work out that way..can someone clarify this point for me?

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