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Easy way to kill things. no talent glitch

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Posted 20 September 2016 - 12:39 AM

Found an incredibly fast and efficient way to get kills. thought i would share with you.


What you need is Taika,  and a whole lot of magic stat talents, and a few agility ones as well. maybe some resistance ones too.

Also preferable is the following talents: energized, bonds of battle battle medic.

Fire and water master talents are crucial here and the last perk can be whatever you want, on the brink may be a good one, but i haven't tried it yet and it encourages you to play low hp which can be risky naturally.


right now i have her at 286 magic and 198 mdef right now, and the main fire and water aoe attacks do a ton of damage.

They cost 2 action points each, so you can spam them all battle, and i am doing minimum 600 per mob and the highest i have seen is about 6500 or so, the water one is about the same, but the fire does more

Mostly you want to use the fire/water abilities and it will be enough to knock whatever group you are fighting down by at least a 1/3rd hp, but be aware of those stupid little things that cast defence on the enemy group, as this will lower her damage.


Best paired with amon (20% burn dmg and 25% fire dmg) or gnart (5% magic damage), can be paired with pat if you need the water damage, but i like to pair pat with gnart because they have good bonds.


Haven't worked out a great way to run amon yet, but using  mostly precision talents with some might and a couple of agility.


Ive is fun, but the super heal is too exspensive and gnart is much better support overall, does way too much healing to be ruled out + has rez.

Respect olia, but I don't enjoy the way she plays find it way too passive

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Posted 21 September 2016 - 09:47 PM

as an update there are 4 monsters total that you can find that will grant you extra abilites that do extra elemental AOE damage.


use 6th sense to get it.

In total by the end of the game you will have a fire, water, lighting, ice, air, and earth aoe attack. and a curse that applies damage over time effects based on the number of abilities learned.


#1 Giant crab beside the temple you are in at the beginning of game. grants earth attack.

#2 Lightning beetle in the plains leading to suvia, grants lightning attack

#3 Ice cat/dog in the snow area leading towards final boss. grants ice attack (it has hair around it's neck and a larger tail)

#4 Blue cactus that buffs group, same area as ice dogs, grants tornado attack.


I guess you could load taika up with any or all types of attack boosts, but i personally found my self using fire the most.  personally, seemed  to work the best.

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